Are you thinking about your future?

Are you interested in restoring the doctor-patient 
relationship that is lost in today's society?

Would you like more information on your patients 
well-being than just what the eight-minute 
appointment allows?

Your relationship with your patients will change their future and yours.

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The mission of Calls From The Heart, LLC is to provide the medical professional, of any specialty, the ability to monitor and assess the long term health of their patients thru daily phone calls conducted by licensed R.N. s and the feedback recorded on a medical checklist provided to the health practitioner on any time frequency required.
Care Manager Sample Checklist

A geriatric care manager or care coordinator can perform a daily professional assessment of your patient's quality of life. This is performed by an licensed RN and can be customized by a medical professional to fit current needs of patients.

Medication Reminders________________________________
Medication Reactions________________________________
Blood Pressure________________________________
Blood Glucose Reading________________________________
Pain Level________________________________
Balance Problems________________________________
Sleep Problems________________________________
Breathing Problems________________________________
Mobility Issues________________________________
Alertness, mood swings, interest in activities, social interaction ________________________________
Incision Care and dressing change________________________________
Side effects of treatments________________________________
Fever/Chills: None – Temperature 98.6° F Mild – Fever 98.6° F to 100.4° F Moderate – Fever 100.4° F to 104° F ** Severe – Fever greater than 104° F ** __°F
Severe Fatigue (Feeling Weak): 
Severe Nausea: 
Severe Vomiting: 
Severe Constipation: 
Severe Loss of Appetite 
This information can be emailed to doctor as necessary, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. This will help the doctor to better understand what is happening when patient is away from the office.
This form is totally customizable to fit any specialty or follow up needs the nurse can assess.
This page can be adaptable for your needs.