Medical Franchise
Be one of hundreds of doctors that offer this innovative service.
(Receive exclusive rights per area.)

Show your patients that you care!

Earn money with each call your nurses make.

Check on a patient after a procedure, after surgery or during life threatening changes in their medical condition.

Calls From The Heart, LLC  offers an innovative new approach to services offered to your patients!  For just the price of a cup of coffee a day, your patients can receive a call from a registered nurse.  You receive money from every phone call that is made!

How does this work?

Doctors know that reminders and well-being checks on their patients would make the doctor's life easier, the patients life manageable, and emergency situations noticed faster!

The patients have a chance to ask questions, relay information and concerns and the doctor knows that the patient is receiving correct information.

Let's face it, your patients are your income!  If they feel your concern and care, they will be more likely to approach you with issues, listen to your guidance and come back to you instead of a doctor recommended by a friend.

"You get into medicine because you want to take care of people" says a 39-year-old general practitioner in Philadelphia.