"State of The Heart Calling"
  • Each of our care callers is an experienced Licensed Registered Nurse.

  • They will be friendly and respectful and know your loved one by name.

  • They will help to answer questions or concerns your loved one may have.

  • Our nurses will give medication reminders.

  • Many clients so enjoy talking with the courteous registered nurses from Calls From The Heart that they look forward to the calls and develop a personal bond with the nurses.

  • With the medical services unit,  the client can have a direct link to the doctors office to ask advice, give concerns, receive feedback and schedule further appointments and testing.
These interaction calls average 5-6  minutes per call. To most people, home means comfort, security and independence.  It can also mean loneliness.  Our daily calls become a valuable part of your loved one's day.  Our clients appreciate the added security that someone is checking on their loved one every day, and find comfort in knowing that they will be contacted if there are concerns.

Whether you need someone for just a medicine reminder, call assurance, or to help fill the time and loneliness, 
we can help.