"State of The Heart Calling"
Online signup is available for easy enrollment.  CALLS FROM THE HEART, LLC is able to provide your loved ones with telephone reassurance as well as medication reminders across all North American time zones. 

Call Assurance - daily calls to seniors to ensure their well-being and provide friendly conversation and medication reminders. The Care Caller calls seniors to ensure their well-being, provide medication reminders and friendly conversation.  Care Callers can be utilized by law enforcement and community service organizations throughout the country, primarily to check on the welfare of seniors.

Latchkey Kids - contacts children to check on their well-being. Latchkey kids or latch key children refers to younger students that return from school to an empty home because their parents are away at work or during summer break. To help parents monitor the safety of these children, CALLS FROM THE HEART, LLC has developed a calling program that checks in on these children.  We ensure their well-being, security of the home, and provide homework reminders.

How Does This Service Work?
Our Care Caller simply calls and greets your loved one on a daily basis.  Your loved one is able to talk to a friendly registered nurse, ask questions and talk for 5 -6 minutes per call.  CALLS FROM THE HEART, LLC works with both individuals and organizations to provide these valuable services. 
If after several attempts your loved one does not answer the phone or acknowledge the call, our caller will automatically call you, alerting you of the time called and that there was no answer. This gives you the opportunity for further follow-up with your loved one.  Two Contacts can be designated on the initial form and our Care Caller will call each one until the call is acknowledged (for up to 1 hour).